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Inaugural Lecture by James Carpenter, Thursday 4th May 2017 at 5.15 in the John Snow lecture theatre at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. All are welcome – admission is free and there will be a reception afterwards.

Missing data short course June 21-23 2017 at the LSHTM. Apply here to avoid disappointment.

This site exists

  • to support researchers from the social and medical sciences with the analysis of incomplete datasets, and
  • as a focus of statistical research.

If you are planning a study, or analysing a study with missing data, these guidelines (25Kb) are for you.

From time to time people have concerns about computational issues with multiple imputation; these mi_comp_issues may help.

We are grateful to (in time order)  ESRC Research Methods Programme, the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative, ESRC Research Fellowship RES-063-27-0257, ESRC Follow-On Funding scheme (grant RES-189-25-0103), MRC grant G0900724 and MRC fellowship MR/K02180X/1 for supporting the development and maintenance of this site.

We hope you find the site useful, and welcome your feedback.

James Carpenter and  Jonathan Bartlett


Updated 22 March 2017

NB: We are in the process of re-creating the site following a hacking attempt, so not all previous content is yet available.

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