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1   Link   IVEWARE homepage
Home page of SAS software for multiple imputation using a sequence of regression models
2   Link   ICE - imputation by chained equations in Stata
The latest version of Patrick Royston's implementation in Stata of imputation by chained equations (ICE) can be downloaded from his website.
3   Link   FAQs for ICE in Stata
A collection of frequently asked questions regarding ICE in Stata maintained at the MRC's Biostatistics Unit website.
4   Link   www.multiple-imputation.com
Contains information on mutliple imputation an software from a variety of authors. Software for Multiple Imputation Using Chained Equations (MICE) can be downloaded from here.
5   Link   AMELIA software
Uses EM algorithm with importance sampling. Their are similar to the usual posterior-imputation, but computationally quicker.
6   Link   WinBUGS
WinBUGS - freely available software for fitting models within the Bayesian paradigm, using MCMC.
7   Link   MLwiN
Website for multi-level modelling software MLwiN, hosted at the Centre for Multi-level Modelling in Bristol, UK
8   Link   REALCOM
REALCOM - freely available Windows software for 'Developing multilevel models for REAListically COMplex social science data', from the Centre for Multi-level Modelling in Bristol, UK
9   Link   REALCOM Impute
The free REALCOM Impute package, from researchers at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling (University of Bristol), performs multiple-imputation using multi-level (random-effects) models.
10   Link   SOLAS for Missing Data Analysis
A stand-alone package for handling missing data with a variety of imputation approaches.