This site exists

  • to support researchers from the social and medical sciences with the analysis of incomplete datasets, and
  • as a focus of statistical research.

If you are planning a study, or analysing a study with missing data, these guidelines (25Kb) are for you.

NEW: Missing data short course 17-19 June 2019

  • In this course we adopt a principled approach to handling missing data, in which the first step is a careful consideration of suitable assumptions regarding the missing data for a given study. Based on this, appropriate statistical methods can be identified that are valid under the chosen assumptions.
  • The course will focus particularly on the practical use of multiple imputation (MI) to handle missing data in realistic epidemiological and clinical trial settings, but will also include an introduction to inverse probability weighting methods and new developments including handling missing data in propensity score analyses.
  • Examples using both Stata and R

Who should apply?

Epidemiologists, biostatisticians and other health researchers with strong quantitative skills and experience in statistical analysis. Stata and/or R will be used for the computer practicals, and so familiarity with one of these packages is highly desirable, although detailed code and solutions will be provided.

For more details and to apply, click here

From time to time people have concerns about computational issues with multiple imputation; these mi_comp_issues may help.

We are grateful to (in time order)  ESRC Research Methods Programme, the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative, ESRC Research Fellowship RES-063-27-0257, ESRC Follow-On Funding scheme (grant RES-189-25-0103), MRC grant G0900724 and MRC fellowship MR/K02180X/1 for supporting the development and maintenance of this site.

We hope you find the site useful, and welcome your feedback.

James Carpenter and  Jonathan Bartlett

Last updated 18 March 2019

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