Pattern Mixture

Quick Summary

The macro imputes under a series of different methods, analyses data using Repeated measures (not ANOVA at a single visit) and provides summary estimates for least-squares means.

Either complete case missing value restriction (CCMV) or nearest case missing value (NCMV)restriction. [subset cases]
. . . and either non-future dependence (NFMV) or use all future data (ALL), when estimating parameters for each imputation step. [subset visits]

See Thijs & Molenberghs et al (2002), Strategies to fit Pattern Mixture Models, Biostatistics.3,2, 234-265.


Similar models can be fitted using the MNAR statement in proc MI (SAS version 9.4 or later). Neither include ACMV.


The files can be downloaded at Pattern Mixture Model_20120726

Includes useful set of Powerpoint slides.

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