Imputation based approaches

Imputation for Gaussian Repeated Measures with time changing covariates.

Imputation of Recurrent event data for partial observed off-treatment data

Multiple imputation for informatively censored time to event data – the InformativeCensoring R package

Multiple imputation for time to event data under Kaplan-Meier, Cox or piecewise-exponential frameworks – SAS macros

Pattern Mixture

Plot and compare up to 2 control-based approaches.

Reference-based MI for Negative Binomial discrete data – R package dejaVu

Reference-based MI for Negative Binomial discrete data – SAS macros

Reference-based MI via Multivariate Normal RM (the “five macros” and MIWithD)

SAS macro for imputation under generalized linear mixed model

Sequential imputation with tipping point and delta adjustment

Stepwise imputation for marginal model based on previous residuals

Vansteelandt et al’s 2012 doubly robust method

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